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Faye and her husband live in Graysville, Alabama, near Birmingham.  They have enjoyed their travel to 48 states in America, Canada and to travel several countries in Europe.  She often said, "This photograph will make a beautiful painting".  She dreamed of someday painting.  Faye enjoyed photography, sewing, quilting, knitting, porcelain doll making, playing several musical instruments, traveling, reading and genealogy. She is a member of the Daughters of American Revolution, Princess Sehoy Chapter.  All of these interests reflected her creativity.

Both her children were creative; therefore, she helped them develop their skills.  After they were grown, she found more time for herself.  Faye's priorities have always been God, family, church and job. Well after retirement, the death of both parents and some medical problems, Faye feared that her world of enjoying God’s wonderful creations had come to a halt because she could not leave home.  Of course, she still had her memories, photography and a loving family.  Little did Faye know that there was a new God-given talent. Today, her creativity reaches a higher degree each day as she continues to discover the love of painting.
Memory of places visited, photography and what Faye sees every day, all give subjects for composition  and painting.  Faye uses all her abilities and strive for each painting to become a great masterpiece; however most of all to enjoy painting.  She continues to attend art workshops, to read, and learn from the vast other sources available for artists today.  Faye is mostly self-taught with her oil and acrylic work.  Years ago, Faye took art appreciation at Lee College, Cleveland, Tennessee.  Several years ago, She enrolled in art classes at Bevel State Community College, Sumiton, Alabama (Jean Tune, Art Instructor).   She paints with many friends often while camping outdoors in state and national parks. One of Faye's greatest joys while camping is to let a child from a nearby campsite paint their first painting (Of course, with mom's approval)  At her local church, she taught others the [...]

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