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Faith paints in various styles including realism, abstract, landscape and a collection of combinations that, despite their distinctiveness, share the commonality of depth. Her paintings compel viewers to reach out and touch them, as the mind is curious at being unable to process, by sight alone, their intense depth and elegance.Faith was born in Houston, Texas and in her late teens she became the first female disc jockey (Bunny Taylor) at the number one station in Houston, KRBE-FM. According to Faith, being on the air was an ‘outlet’ for her young creative spirit.  It was several years later, shortly before her move to California, that Faith fell, head over heels, in love with painting.Never having had an art lesson, Faith taught herself while attempting to recreate the styles of the Old Masters. Each work of art is an expression of Faith’s experiences and inspirations, along with her desire to capture a moment in time while remaining true to her intuition and grace.Among the artists who have influenced Faith are first and foremost the Old Masters, who she considers her "first loves." Faith holds the utmost respect and admiration for Constable, Inness and Turner.
That same comfortable feeling one gets from intimately expressing oneself with the dearest of friends over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, is how I feel when I begin each blank canvas. I know that I am completely free to tap into my deepest feelings and honestly express passionate emotions through layers of color with both palette knife and brush.As the colors merge and run, the direction of the painting begins to manifest.   Trusting my intuition, orientation and focal points are established. Broad strokes are balanced by intricate strokes of detail.  Intrigue, balance and depth are created by the use and absence of both color [...]

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