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Along life’s journey, we’re each presented with opportunities or choices. Do we dare to cross into the unknown and explore the mysteries beyond what we know? Or do we choose to continue on, never knowing what might have been? For the past 30 years, artist Faith Bradburn Keller has tried to live by those questions. “Life is too short not to do what you enjoy and were created to do, which includes sometimes taking risks.” she says.
The world is filled with so much sadness, heartache and challenges, but it also contains much hopefulness, love and compassion. Each of us in life has to decide to be content, happy and positive, to love and to share love. As an artist, I want my art to focus on that and to reflect the Creator’s beauty and goodness. If I am successful in doing that, then the viewer by viewing my art realizes that I am showing them a glimpse of myself. 


Putting brush to canvas for me has always seemed natural and something I was meant to do.  I primarily paint in oils and acrylics and, today, paint mostly landscapes and still lifes.

As a teenager, I was greatly influenced by Caravaggio and other Italian masters and found myself studying countless paintings. I loved his use of Chiaroscuro and the exaggerated poses he painted. Because of my love of the Italian masters, I have always been drawn to the charm of Europe, especially Italy.
Five years ago I landed a job teaching art for a cruise line. Little did I know then how that ‘job’ would add much richness to my life! Since then I have traveled most of the world by sea while teaching art classes, lecturing and demonstrating to travelers while focusing on my painting. My travels have taken me to places I had only dreamed of before and have filled me with thankfulness and creative inspiration.
Immersing myself into this new adventure of teaching while traveling gave me the confidence to realize that I CAN become the artist I’ve always dreamt to be. I have found renewed strength and courage and have no fear of stepping out to experience uncharted waters within myself or, literally, the world. I completed my last voyage in 2015 returning home to Sarasota, Florida to focus solely on painting and teaching (on dry land for a change). I am currently working on a series of paintings from my travels and am planning on writing a book.
Learning from other cultures, speaking and relating to new people, some who have become forever friends, has helped me grow and more intimately understand that we are all similar.  No matter where we live, we each want what is best for our family, our country, and ourselves. I found a renewed spiritual [...]

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