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Fredric Michael Wood
Fine Art

"Offshore Breeze"

The artist is recognized for his land, sea, animal, and figurative works, and is represented in Private Collections internationally.
Collections include the Ritz Carlton Hotel,
Half Moon Bay, Ca.
BoldBrush Painting Competition:
Informed Collector Recommendation feature:
Southwest Art Cover Artist
31st Anniversary Issue
“Offshore Breeze”
Arts for the Parks 2003
“Top 100”
Award of Excellence”
Award of Excellence
Oil 16x20
Salon International
Greenhouse Gallery of Fine Art
Honorable Mention
Plein Air Salon-2016
Plein Air Magazine
"Best in Oil"
"Dance on the Evening Sky"
Bold Brush Painting Competition
Fine Art Studio Online
July, 20017
Gateway International Art Competition
July 2018 
"A Perfect Arrangement"
International Artist Magazine
Gallery Representation:
 Christopher Queen Galleries, Duncans Mills, Ca.
 The Garden Gallery, Half Moon Bay, Ca.
Gallery Guest Artist:
Sage Creek Gallery, Sante Fe NM.
 Wendt Gallery, Laguna, Ca.
The final stroke is the most difficult of all, because there are so many of them!
Art first came to my attention in a serious way as a boy fortunate to spend many of my formative years in Europe while we were stationed there as a military family. I was hooked when I discovered an old impressionist oil painting, in a storeroom in our house overseas, of the French countryside, and I  stared at it for a long long time trying to imagine how one could paint such a scene! I resolved to get beyond my little drawings and watercolors, and learn to paint like that!
Thanks to childhood, naiveté, I didn't know then how difficult that would be, when, later, much later, I would discover great artists of the past such as John S. Sargent,  Joaquin Sorolla,  Anders  Zorn, and Frank Tenney Johnson, along with illustrators like Howard Pyle and others from the "Golden Age of Illustration", as well as contemporary artists, Andrew Wyeth, & John Asarro, and so many others of my contemporaries, whose work would compel, but challenge me so!
Those challenges are still, always, the winds at my back, and the light up ahead!
My [...]

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