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Evgeny Baranov and Lydia Velichko Baranov
As children, we come into the world with our eyes and minds wide open.  Every component of this world is of equal interest, importance and lovability – a short-living tiny snowflake, a shiny beetle on a flower, a pearly guppy in the fish tank, a huge and smelly elephant at the zoo, a grey-haired nanny speaking a funny dialect, a sweet and hot aroma of fresh pavement in the street, a colorful sunset cloud changing its shape to that of all possible - and impossible – animals, the vast blue sea (the Black Sea, that is) solemnly tipping over from the horizon when first seen by a five-year-old, et cetera.  With age and education, comes experience, and together with it, the acceptance of hierarchy in things, connections, events, as commonly prescribed for humans for the purpose of survival, of finding their way correctly throughout their lifetime.  With experience, comes coldness of judgement and a certain share of cynicism.  It is hard to catch the exact moment of losing that inner child, but we both seem to remember the first alarming hints of that process as we were starting our careers in architectural preservation in our early twenties during the last phases of the Soviet Union’s existence.  Luckily for both of us, that was the time when we ran into each other at our first - and last - architectural jobs in our hometown Moscow, and started jointly working in preservation of that precious and fragile internal treasure, gently deviating further from architecture and deeper into free-lance fine art.  This “deviation” quickly culminated in a final severance not only from architecture, but from life as we knew it altogether – namely, in departure from Russia in 1990.  Such “deviated” existence has been our life ever since (for [...]

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