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My paintings are intimate; they reflect places I see, people I know, faces from old family photographs. In the brushwork,
the hand of the artist is clearly visible. I want to invite the
viewer to a place where the paint itself shares the spotlight
with the subject, where all elements--hill and sky, figure and
ground, light and shadow--interlock like the pieces of a
jigsaw puzzle to create a unified world.
I have always worked chiefly in oil but have recently switched to water
soluble oil out of environmental considerations. 
Education:  University of California at Berkeley, BA, June 1966
Studied under Erle Loran, Boyd Allen, John Haley
University of California Extension Gallery, San Francisco, California
Santa Cruz County Governmental Center, Santa Cruz, California
Cabrillo College Art Gallery, Aptos, California
Upstairs Gallery, Santa Cruz County Public Library, Santa Cruz, California
Work has also appeared at Boulder Creek Gallery, Boulder Creek, California;
The Guild Gallery, Santa Cruz, California

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