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  • Year Born: N/A

  • Price Range: $1,200.00 - $12,500.00
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Evan was raised in Dayton, Ohio where he began studying art at an early age. At the age of 5 he was accepted to the school of the Dayton Art Institute, three years ahead of the minimum age of 8. Study continued through high school before being awarded a scholarship to the Columbus College of Art and Design where he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.
After graduation, Evan relocated to Chicago, Illinois where he began working as an independent illustrator for the advertising industry, providing artwork to clients such as McDonald's Corporation, Hyatt Hotels, and Coca Cola. In between deadlines he began traveling to places in the Caribbean, Bahamas, and Mexico and began to produce landscape paintings of the areas he was traveling to. Initially painting in watercolor, then switching to oil, he quickly produced a body of work and began showing at gallleries and corporate events in and around the Chicago area. "It was during this time that I made a conscious decision to paint the area where I wanted to live. And for me that was by the water, 85 and sunny. "
As the digital age took hold in the advertising world it forced a change from traditional media, such as paints, to digital software and files. Evan learned the software and produced art digitally for clients from his Chicago office and home in Oak Park. The technology had diminished the need for person to person meetings, and become a world of conference calls and files downloaded and uploaded to servers. "Along the way I realized part of what I enjoyed about the creation was the physical process. The software is just another media for creativity, but the actual work, the motion, is so very different when painting..."
The technology had given him the freedom to still provide art [...]

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