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Eva was born and educated in Germany and immigrated to Canada in the early 1980’s to take up a professorship at the University of Calgary, and later at the University of Alberta.
As a teenager, she remembers standing in front of Picasso’s painting Guernica at the Haus der Kunst (house of the arts) in Munich. This moment impacted her so deeply that she forgot time and place. The painting so vividly articulates the horrors of war and convinced her that art is an eloquent medium to convey moral and philosophical ideas.
Eva is most inspired by the late medieval masters such as Matthias Gruenewald and Giotto and by modern painters such as Monet, Gaugin, Chagall, Franz Marc and Gabriele Muenter. While studying Asian languages and literature her aesthetic sensitivity was greatly influenced by Japanese art and Chinese ink paintings.
During the last ten years, Eva has devoted herself to the medium of watercolour as it intrigues her with its spontaneity and sometimes unpredictability. She prefers a vignette design to let the white of the paper become an integral part of the painting. Her impressionistic style captures the main elements without telling the full story. The water becomes the main actor enabling the colour particles to mingle and create new hues and intensity beyond the imagination of the artist. Eva believes watercolours can articulate the interdependence of all shapes and forms and offer a singular possibility to capture the light that lets us see and appreciate all and everything forming our beautiful planet.
Inspired by British watercolour artists, Eva prefers a traditional approach of pure and transparent watercolour painting on paper. As a largely self taught artist , Eva attended several workshops taught by Judi Whitton (UK) who became her main inspiration and tutor.  In an attempt to broaden her artistic expression Eva also studied the publications of other artists [...]

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