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My spouse and I vacationed in Atlantic Canada for two years before we decided to move to beautiful Prince Edward Island in 2016.   I have always wanted to paint and was given the opportunity to enroll in drawing, watercolour and acrylic classes.   I chose to develop my skills in the watercolour medium for the most part, as I love the transparency and softness it can bring to a painting.  The fluidity of this medium can be a challenge for me, as often I have to go with the flow and let the watercolour create part of the painting.  I use only the best professional paints and a minimum of 140 pound (predominantly Arches) cotton watercolour paper.   My watercolour education originates from many years of classes both live and online, plein air outings and self teachings through countless books and videos.  The joy and challenge of painting keeps me on an endless search of new learning.

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