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I have been involved in art and considered myself an artist since a young child.  Throughout the past six decades I learned as much as I could about art down most every avenue.  I studied it formally in three separate colleges.  I was introduced to California plein air impressionism in the year 2000.  Through observing many plein air demonstrations I picked up the style and ran with it.  Besides the demos I was pretty much self-taught and did not take workshops.  The journey to paint in this style has been exhausting and exhilarating; it never ceases to amaze me with each created piece.  As I have painted plein air for fifteen years now and hundreds of paintings later, I find my personal style has developed.  I do base most of my plein air excursions in the state of California because it is a state full of beauty, surprises and unlimited subject matter. 
When I paint in this great state, I stand before my scene like a music conductor commanding all the energy within me to pull off a song on canvas.  It is a one time performance utilizing hundreds of instruments in my mind and hands.  Once complete, I know I can never recreate that piece exactly the same.  Nature is ever so fleeting.  That's plein air in its pure essence.  A moment of light, shadows, shapes, lines, colors and emotions captured on a surface in a harmonic melody that hits the heart of the viewer. 


Biography of Artist Esther. J. Williams

Esther’s involvement in art has spanned over 50 years.  She was born in Binghamton, NY in 1955.   She focused on art throughout her early educational years, by drawing with any medium she could grasp between her fingers.  As a very young child she felt the urge to draw on everything, so her father asked the local butcher for clean wrapping paper for his artist daughter. She would draw too her heart's content on that butcher paper with big bold strokes.   When she was eight years old in 1964, she designed a poster for a Calif. Department of Motor Vehicles contest; it won her first place statewide.  While in her senior year of high school in 1973, she was offered a scholarship to the Calif. College of Arts at Oakland, thanks to her art teacher.  Instead, there was a seven year marriage to her first husband and having two sons.  By 1980 she began formal studies in art at Tompkins Cortland-Community College (TC-3) in Dryden, New York.  She studied both architectural design and fine art.  She received her A.A.S. Degree in 1982. She spent another year studying art and art history at Hood College in Frederick, Maryland in 1982.  She moved to Los Angeles in 1983 to study fashion design at The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM). 
Trying to balance her role as a mother forced her to take a long sabbatical. She retained her creative spirit and became self-motivated in her learning of art.  She lived in Washington, D.C. for five years spending many hours studying the masters in the museums. In 1987 she returned to California for good. She remarried and now has two daughters also. She has entered into many juried exhibitions and won various awards.  She is in three art associations, [...]

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