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Errol Jacobson is an award winning  Chicago based artist who works in oils.  Errol received a majority of his training at the renowned Palette and Chisel Academy of Fine Arts located in Chicago where he currently teaches plein air painting.  As well as being an artist member of the Palette and Chisel, he is also a member of the Plein Air Painters of Chicago, The Oil Painters of America and The American Impressionist Society.  Errol exhibits widely throughout the USA and his works can be found in many private collections.
Errol paints both en plein air (on site in the open air)  and in his Chicago studio.  His paintings are known for their atmospheric abstract quality and somewhat moody feel.   He attempts not to overwork or finely render his paintings thus leaving much for the viewer discover, feel and enjoy on their own.   Although his work is recognizable, he is not a formula painter, painting each painting the same way with the same method and technique.  On the other hand, he is open to discovery and artistic growth by incorporating experimentation whether it is with design, materials or paint application, all in order to produce new, interesting and truthful paintings.
He has recently devoted himself to painting cityscapes attempting to capture the energy, vititally and spirit of the city.  He sometimes paints recognizable landmarks but often paints overlooked areas and other aspects of the city.

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