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I have loved animals for as long as I can remember, with a particular and enduring interest in beautiful horses. I have avidly been sketching horses since I was a child. I was very blessed with a childhood spent on a ranch in the Texas Hill Country, with Arabian horses and a myriad of other fascinating animals. For me, it was a fairy-tale childhood, upon which I reminisce quite often. Even though I attended an all-girls boarding school (high school) in Mississippi, I really didn't mind too much because I got to take my horse with me.Following my college graduation, I married, had a beautiful daughter, and resided in the El Campo area of southeast Texas (mostly out in the country) for 40 years. I worked full-time as a social worker for almost 30 years of that time. Following my retirement in 2001, I was blessed with finally being able to pursue my interest in artwork!I consider my love of animals and my creative talents as God-given. Pastels were truly discovered as my medium of choice when I began taking art lessons from a long-time artist friend and fellow Arabian horse enthusiast (who is a very accomplished pastelist, herself), in the summer of 2005. She introduced me to the beauty of pastels and I have been in love with them ever since.Having had major life changes in the recent past, I chose to move closer to my daughter and her family. The new location of my home has also afforded me additional opportunities both artistically and otherwise, which I am enjoying very much. I thank God for my life every day and have truly come to appreciate even the smallest things in nature ~ what beauty awaits, all around, and the artist in me is taking it all [...]

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