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  • FASO Artist Website: http://erleneecflowers.com

  • Year Born: 1940

  • I am a mid western artist.

  • I paint mostly in acrylics and water media.

  • I am expanding by exploring oils.

  • Price Range: $200.00 - $1,600.00

The Artist Says:

" My work has been influenced by the Mexican muralists and their love of dramatic use of color."
Erlene E. Flowers


Signature Creations is my studio home. I work in my studio and create in my studio.  My studio, like my work, is a work in process. Just as this website site is currently under construction, my studio and my work continuously grow, develop and change and remain under construction.
I opened the first Signature Creations Studio in Michigan, a group venture with six artists.  I moved to Indiana and did a name search.  The name was available again - so that studio became Signature Creations of Indianapolis, studio number two. I moved to Missouri in 2004; I did another name search and finding that the name was available, Signature Creation Studio of Lee's Summit , studio number three, was born. I have been immersed in art my whole life since before kindergarden. I have been fortunate because I have always worked in art in some form; creating, sketching, designing, organizing, exhibiting, traveling, or teaching.
In my travels to the Caribbean, Mexico, Africa, Canada, and parts of Europe, I keep seeing  large gaps between the rich and the poor and people being held together by their spiritual beliefs. The poorer the people the richer the colors.  My themes and my work are gradually moving toward a more spiritual view of the world.
 I studied the great religions of the world in conjunction with a pursuit towards an  art history major. As I studied I  realized that religions and beliefs of a better being and the unknown influence most art.  I wrestle with a search for spiritual truth.  My work is becoming  abstract and spiritually based.  My themes are changing.     I still have a romance with color which developed during a study period at the Universidad de Mexico. When I paint, I work in acrylic, watercolor or oil. I experiment with jewelry and sculpture [...]

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