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Schweers specializes in large scale oil and acrylic paintings. Because she constructs her own canvases using 1" x 3" wood, her pieces stand alone and do not require additional framing. This creates a sculptural aspect to the work.  As we operate in a culture of excess, over stimulation and chaos, many are driven to distraction and paralyzation. Offering an alternative, Schweers employs thoughtful, minimal brush marks, typically leaving a portion of her canvasses untouched. This technique creates tension for viewers as they wonder whether her paintings are complete. In doing this, she hopes viewers will reassess  and come to the conclusion that less is, indeed, more.  Formally directing her paintings toward a balance of calm minimalism and dynamic space, she allows the observer room to breathe and to 'step into' her paintings. 
Schweers Impressionistic flower collection is inspired by the women in her life. Her youth is filled with memories of her mothers garden, her grandmother's picturesque rose-bed and her aunt's floral design work. Taking these memories, she captures the uniqueness and brevity of their beauty, and of life in general.  
Schweers graduated from the Ringling College of Art and Design in 2013 with a BA in Fine Arts Painting. She also participated in a year-long residency with Creative Paradox in Annapolis and a summer residency in Stockbridge, Vermont with the Sable Project.  
Schweers work has been shown in many venues throughout Florida and Maryland. Two of her paintings were included in "Following Ovid's Metamorphoses" which was curated by Anne-Marie Melter.  In the spring of 2017, Schweers soloed her work in an exhibit entitled "Untold" at 49 West in the heart of downtown Annapolis. 
Erin Schweers (erinschweers.com) was born in Stony Brook, NY and currently lives in Annapolis, MD. She contracts with the Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts as part of their local outreach program. [...]

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