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Painting the subtleties of nature’s light is what continually inspires the artist. Minzner’s art is a perpetual attempt to bring dignity to the subject before him. On any given day, regardless of the weather, he may be found painting “en plein air” in his native New England. The artist has lived in or traveled extensively throughout the country, and thus, has a tremendous appreciation for what New England offers the artist. He will spend his lifetime trying to capture New England's seascapes, farms, fields, and mountains for fear that one day it will all be “one giant suburbia.”
Erik has a B.A. in History from Eastern Nazarene College and has studied art at Heartwood College of Art along with many prominent artists. However, Minzner often says that if he is to one day be considered a great artist, it is because of those who have come before him. Thus, he is inspired by the artwork of French Impressionism, the Cape Ann School, and American Realism. "There is no such thing as 'Self Taught,'" in Minzner's opinion because if you are truly open to your surroundings you will be taking in and learning constantly.

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