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In 2011 we introduced our 'Enhanced' templates. One of the new functions is the ability to add up to 12 categories (instead of 8) to your Navigation Bar. They also allow for more control of all fonts, as well as many more elements on your site.There are currently 7 you can choose from:ENHANCED - Classic and CleanENHANCED - DevonshireENHANCED - Right NavigationENHANCED - SimplicityENHANCED - Top Nav ClassicENHANCED - WhitesmokeENHANCED Left Navigation BETASometime in the near future, we will be retiring the older site styles (templates), and using only the Enhanced versions.~~~~~~~~~~~To try one of the available Enhanced templates:1. Login to CONTROL PANEL2. Click 'Change Your Site's Style'3. Choose one of the 'ENHANCED' site styles from the site style drop down menu4. Click SAVE CHANGES~~~~~~~~~~~ADVANTAGES of the Enhanced Site Styles (templates):The new Enhanced Templates are 'cleaner' in appearance, a bit wider and the pages display a little differently. Here are some other benefits:1. With the older site styles, custom changes require a 'lock' on one's site style. With the new templates, custom changes do not impose this site style 'lock.'2. The new templates allow for much more control of all fonts as well as other elements on your site.3. The Enhanced site styles allow your website to be viewed on mobile devices such as iPhones, which is a quickly growing trend.4. You can add more categories on your Navigation Bar (12 instead of 8, plus Main or Home).5. Facebook 'Like' buttons are available for your Works and blog posts.6. Some pages, such as Events and Workshops, have new 'fields' that only function on the new Enhanced Templates.7. Most custom work is accomplished with CSS not HTML, which means that custom work will not be as costly (many changes that used to be 'custom' work can now be done quickly at no [...]

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