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An artist from a very young age, earning a combined degree in Fine Arts from Carnegie-Mellon and New York’s Adelphi University, Emily Oldak realized in her mid thirties that she seriously needed to lighten up! Stumbling upon improvisational comedy, she took a 25 year hiatus from painting to explore, teach and perform comedy with at-risk youth. Timing being everything, her muse came calling again three years ago and would not be denied.
Returning to painting after so many years wasn’t as easy as she’d hoped. There was a lot to learn and relearn. Hours and hours of studio time rediscovering her way as an artist, lead to her well received show,“Transcending Place and Time,” at D’art Gallery Denver. (2020) 
My work is about capturing an essence of reality while conveying a sense of other worldliness and possibility  
Each painting is an entry into uncharted territory. Derived from a deeply personal response to the world in and around me, my paintings reflect a lifelong fascination with changing perceptions and the nature of reality. Working primarily in acrylics to create multilayered abstracts, I begin by applying random strokes of color and line and paint until a sense of place is established. Refining from there, I look to see how I can take the painting beyond the know and into the realm of other worldliness and possibility. 
“The object of art is not to reproduce reality, but to create a reality of the same intensity.” — Alberto Giacometti
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