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Emilie Munsch- Artist Statement

 This current show is a collection of Monoprints and Collages; along with a few Block Prints from my studio collection from earlier days.
Collaging is a tactile way of painting for me; applying papers, with matt medium and water, like finger paint. It was inspired by Landscape Quilts. I bring in purchased and acquired papers, rearranging them in a new way; so much like my metaphor for real life. It is a process of having a purposeful direction, yet enjoying the discovery of what is available to me in the moment. Then I bring it to a beautiful new creation to share with others.
Working with the different papers challenge me in ways that encourage flexibility. There are different thickness, translucency, textures, reaction to the medium, and color fastness. To try to protect against fading over time I have finished off the collages with a UV resistant spray. For the many years that I have been using these materials I have been very successful in preserving these artworks.
I have been creating these multilayered collages since 2015, and imagery collages quite prolifically since 2010. This year I have some new experimentations of Mono-printing enhanced with collage and other media. All of these images are simply images of things that I love. I hope you enjoy viewing it here, as much as I did creating it.
 Membership and Affiliations:
Sebastopol Center for the Arts
Occidental Center to the Arts
Sonoma Collage group
2019 Best of Show: Yellow Roses-Collage, Occidental Center for the Arts, Juried: Teri Sloat
2017 Merit Award: Salmon- Collage, Occidental Center for the Arts, Juried: Marylu Downing
2016 Favorite: Chicken and Snail-Block Print, Sebastopol Center for the Arts Printing Festival.
Featured Artist Shows:
Graton Gallery: Nov 2020
Open Door Studio: Nov 2019
Open Door Studio: May 2019
Viva Mexicana: April 2017
Viva Mexicana: April 2014
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I [...]

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