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"E.L.Stewart's paintings continue to amaze, and to explore social and sexual issues common to all of us.  Her work is gorgeously painted, utilizing the human figure as subject and metaphor as well.  Her lush brushwork sometimes seduces us with it's fluidity and bravado, and catches the viewer off-guard when we realize what may be actually going on in the social context of the painting.  Her works are stunning!"  Jerry Dodd-Professor of Art, Texas A&M University


Versatile Expressive
I was born in a large stone mansion in Michigan, between Chicago and Detroit.  I grew up in the Midwest.  My dad painted.  My mom danced, drank a lot of coffee and loved chocolate!  My life as an artist was determined early on! 
 After high school I moved away from home to attend a private design school on a talent scholarship where I majored in Illustration, Graphic Design, and Advertising.
This was an incredible time of growth for me!  So many difficult choices to be made.  How was I going to survive as an artist and female in a turbulent, divided society?  This was during the Vietnam conflict.  Marches, protest, violence.  On a personal level there was heartache and war in the hearts of youth, thinking we were leading the world to peace.  The paintings I create began long ago and even now breathe a longing for a peaceful existence.  They are ignited by fires of memory and painted with something close to joy.
I tend to put a bit of abstraction into my figure work.  I then turn and put more figure into my abstraction!
My works, original acrylic paintings on heavy canvas or linen, some professionally framed, others unframed with neutral edges, ready to hang, range in price from $850. and up
EDUCATIONKendall School of Art and Design, Scholarship StudentIllustration, Graphic Design and Advertising-Grand Rapids, Michigan-1967-1969Since then, my art education has been largely due to hard work and experience.
Nectar in October 2016
Craftsman Winery, RED series Spokane WA 2016Nectar Beer and Wine, 2016
Bozzi Grand Opening, 2016
Little Dog Gallery Female Figure Show, 2016
Max at Mirabeau, Wednesday Wine Tasting, 2016
Patit Creek Cellars, Art, Merlot and Amore  2016
Nectar Tasting Room 2015
Nectar Tasting Room, Power and Sensitivity…a Contemporary Collection by E.L.Stewart, Spokane WA 2014Bozzi Collection Gallery, Spokane, WA 2013 ~2014Design Collaborative, Spokane WA 2013CHASER , Barrister Winery, Spokane, WA 2011E.L.Stewart Eat Cake Exhibit [...]

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