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   I love both the freedom and the discipline of drawing and painting. When I paint, I can capture the impression of the scene, or I can draw the attention to little details one might not have noticed, even if one had been sitting beside me, viewing the exact same scene.  I enjoy all painting media, but I love the sensuousness of oil paints. When  I’ve created a painting outside( plein air) I want the viewer to almost feel the breeze, smell the flowers, hear the river, and taste those apples!  Oil paint seems to be able to more closely capture those sensations for me.
   I will paint anything that catches my eye.  I find great joy in painting mountains and people. I love the way light shifts on mountains from one day to another, giving a familiar mountain range a new look each time.  All faces are interesting to me and I love to draw and paint them.   Each face is a landscape of its own. No family member has escaped posing for me!
  My favorite color is red - and warm colors ( reds, oranges , and yellows) work their way into most of my paintings. The Alaskan countryside can be mighty green in the summertime . Thank goodness for the bright hot pinks of fireweed!
  I paint what I find beautiful and what excites me and gives me joy.  I hope to impart that feeling of joy and beauty to those who look at my paintings.

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