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Before moving to Franklin Street on the Square in Waxahachie, Ellis County Art Association owned a historic building formerly known as the First Presbyterian Church of Waxahachie, Texas located on historic West Main Street,  erected in 1916 with the cornerstone placed in 1917. 
Ellis County Art Association was organized in January 1958. Beginning with the first president, Elizabeth O'Donnell and other members, including Venia McCartney, Ina Bess Lumpkins and Harriet Grandstaff, the organization has grown from 22 to a current membership of over 100.
For several years, the members contributed to a special fund for the purpose of purchasing a building to call their own.  In the meantime, meetings were held in members' homes and various other places, such as the former Texas Power & Light building on Ferris Avenue.  In 1979, under the leadership and guidance of President Evelyn Sivley,  the association purchased the historic building at 501 West Main Street from the Presbyterian Church.  Funds were raised for the annual mortgage payment through fundraisers, grants and generous donations from art patrons. In the winter of 1982, a benefactor -Dallasite Howell Hight and his daughter- retired the mortgage on the building in memory of their beloved wife and mother, Leta Mae Cunningham Hight.  
The historic building at 501 West Main served Ellis County Art Association for almost 4 decades but in recent years, the cost of maintaining the 100 year old building was becoming unsustainable.  Fundraising was focusing more on repairs to the building and less on fulfilling ECAA's Mission - promoting the arts.  In addition to maintenance issues, access into and within the 3-story building was only by stairway...even the restrooms. 
In the fall of 2014, faced with escalating cost of maintenance, insurance, and no accommodation for the physically disabled,  the Board of Directors made the decision to sell the building and enter into a long-term [...]

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