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 EXCITING NEWS! Phase Two begins .... We have recently learned that the actual BIRDS FLY IN structure and display will be installed at the Oliver Art Center in Frankfort, MI from August 7 until September 11, 2020. Follow us as we fly into, through and above the challenges involved in a project of this scale and scope! Thank you!
With the release of the CD album on June 1, 2019, Phase One of BIRDS FLY IN: A Human Refuge Project is complete. I am so proud of this collaborative achievement! But I know many of my collectors and fans may be wondering: How (and why) did an American visual artist (me!) become the producer of a album for a Mexican musician? Here's how it happened:
I first heard David Mendoza play violin in San Miguel de Allende, MX in April, 2018. At the time, stressed over migration issues in my country, I found myself weeping. Even though I was not particularly a fan of violin music, I had never been so powerfully affected by a performance. I later described it in a blog post as "sublime."
A few months later, when I wanted music to accompany an art installation I had in mind, I sought out David to introduce [...]

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