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Ellen Knolls is an American Artist living in Columbus, Ohio.  Ellen's love of animals started when she was a child visiting her Grandparents Dairy Farm in Centerburg, Ohio .   It was there Ellen learned how to care for cows, milking them (Even before they used machines) feeding them, and rounding them up while avoiding the dangerous Bulls in the fields.   Although she never actually desired  to lived on a farm as an adult, little did she know that the childhood memories would stay with her for years to come and eventually shine through her art.  It wasn’t until Ellen was in her 40’s that she discovered Art as an interest.  Many books were read as well as classes she would take to practice the art of drawing and painting.   After a bit of studying, Ellen rented a studio in downtown Columbus in an up and coming art district.   The building housed many artists and Ellen soon became friends with fellow artists and when the building allowed the public in she began to sell some of her art to new and repeat clients.  
Although that experience confirmed to Ellen that an artist was truly what she was meant to be, she still struggled as a self-taught artist, with the same problems over and over.  She knew she had reached the point where she needed to study to move forward.
Ellen discovered Columbus had a Atelier's program and began studying there.   The training would prove to be the smartest choice she could have made.   Learning to draw, color theory, and painting the way the old masters painted, gave Ellen more focus both in and out of art.   Training the eye to see was exactly what she needed.   Ellen studied for 2/1/2 years, with Michael Cooley at Cooley Studios in Worthington, Ohio.
 Michael’s word’s were always “ [...]

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