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Throughout my life, I have been student of art, color and design. After a long successful career as a Graphic Designer, I felt the need to get my hands dirty once again, making art with raw materials instead of on a computer.
I am passionate about creating hand cast plaster pieces using live plant materials. The tactile detail that emerges as a result of the process embodies a touch of magic in the result. In particular, I take great pleasure in creating one-of-a-kind bridal bouquet casts, which beautifully preserve the memory of the celebration for the bride and groom. Sometimes this design includes an entire bouquet and sometimes a few delicate stems, the flowers always inform the composition. Additionally, I make casts of a variety of flowers, fruits, vegetables, herbs and grasses and frequently create special commissions. All of these pieces come ready to hang on the wall or place on a shelf.
To start the process, I press fresh plant material into clay to make an impression. The pressed plant is then (carefully and painstakingly) removed leaving a detailed imprint. The imprint is filled with extra dense plaster, highlighting the complex intricacy of each stem, flower and leaf. Some pieces retain the stained color of the clay it was cast from and some are hand painted with watercolors. All pieces are sealed with a matte varnish. The end result is a piece both vivid and gracefully preserved.

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