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Polish born, Australian Artist Ella Mucha studied and worked in the fashion industry for almost 25 years. By 2005 she had found her true calling as an artist and started to paint professionally from her studio in Sydney. Oscillating between abstraction and landscape her work  is offering a dreamlike take on contemporary Australian Landscape.
Since 2017 Ella relocated her art studio to the Great Lakes area in NSW, Australia.
artist statementWhile I draw inspiration on specific location, my work is open to a range of possible interpretations and represent my very personal response to Australian nature and Landscape. It relates more to state of mind, mood and feelings then a tangible place. Water, an almost constant element present in my life and work, bestows me with a unique ability to create an emotional canvas for constantly changing landscape of my lake waterline, horizon, reflective light and resulting mood.
I think of my paintings as the memories of places I've been to and places I'm still going to visit.
My landscapes are often heavily textured, painted with a little attention to detail.
Abstractions on the other hand are all about colour, movement and light. It's my personal link to the contemporary world of expression.

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