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I grew up in Tacoma Washington where fog heavy mornings were scented with salt water and arsenic; salt from the Pacific waters, arsenic from the pulp mills.  In the 1960’s logging trucks could still be filled with a single Douglas fir. 
In the 70’s I began a slow migration toward adulthood studying at Cornish Institute for the Arts in Seattle WA.  A few years later I headed to Paris France where I earned my degree in theater arts from L’Ecole International de Jacques Lecoq.   I co-founded Theater Grottesco and toured Europe and the U.S. until the mid 90’s, performing original plays, teaching, and developing a broader understanding of humanity. 
Detroit MI was home base in those days and I was in my mid 30’s; adult enough to have a fledgling vision.  On tour breaks I would set up the easel and paint.  My work was fueled by summer tornados on Lake Michigan, castles in Eastern Europe’s countryside, race riots in California, and a growing collection of life impressions. 
In 1996 I relocated to Santa Fe New Mexico and all painting ceased.  The muse slept.  I made theater… I made shoes, studied law, worked in hospice care, wrote an opera, two-stepped in cowboy boots…I landed at New Mexico School for the Arts as a theater instructor until finally, the muse woke ravenous for canvas and paint.
Santa Fe is still my summer home.  It is a long way from Detroit.   Indeed it is a long way from most of the rest of America; a cosmopolitan outback infused with rich history and set in a brilliant distillation of sky and stone.  I winter in Boca Raton Florida now.  This has produced two collections of work, but so far, place does not seem to influence palette or composition.   I paint from the inside out.
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