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Elizabeth Uchegbu
Elizabeth grew up very excited about art and creativity. As a child, she thought herself to paint portraits and make quite elaborate decorative designs out of simple materials like glass, textiles, paper and even tooth picks.
Her love for art led to a study at the University of Maiduguri in Nigeria, where she graduated with a BA in Creative Arts.
After college, Elizabeth served her country by working for a year in a trade school for disabled children where she thought painting, drawing, tie-dye and basket weaving.
On arriving in the USA in 1997 Elizabeth worked as a guide in the education department of the Newark Museum. She also worked as a substitute art teacher at the Harold Wilson Middle school in Newark. 
Elizabeth who's other love is teaching has a master in Early Childhood Education from Jersey City University and has been a preschool teacher for over 12 years.
Elizabeth believes that art is a universal form of expression. Regardless of where art is made, it can be a source of peace, joy, awe, inspiration, reflection and more.
She has a unique painting style of combining vibrant colors with layered brush strokes which she has worked on over the years and continues to perfect.
Elizabeth will like to continue to use her love of art to brighten lives and eventually do illustrations for children's books too.

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