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Elizabeth "Libby" Tolley
American Landscape Artist and Author
 “Libby’s work is set apart from that of most other artists because her paintings convey? a spiritual element that she finds in the landscape that surrounds her. This gives? them a depth and appeal that transcends beauty. Like a good novel or great music, you can go back to them and enjoy them again and again. In other words, Libby is in love with the local landscape...and it shows.”
—   Mark Sarrow, Collector, Sonoma, California 2010
—   American Art Collector Magazine a landscape painter, I seek to find the subtle nuances; the color, light and shapes that help create a sense of place.
Capturing the mood and heartbeat of the land, as I experience it, is important to me.
My focus has been painting the Central Coast landscape as it is today.
While I don't paint to record, many of my painting sites have changed or are already a memory.
My goal is to create paintings that honor my subject and nourish my striving to understand the light and then take it and the subject matter to a feeling, an idea of what it feels like to be present in the location. I have always associated painting the land as a way of connecting to something much greater than the "Libby" Tolley is an award- winning American Landscape painter and author.
Living on California’s Central Coast, her focus has been painting the rural landscape from life.
As a lifelong selff-motivated student, Libby has developed her artistic abilities by seeking mentors who guided the development of her talent. Working both in watercolor and oil paint, Libby’s career has attracted the attention of editors, museum directors, gallery owners and collectors.
In 2007, Libby completed an instructional book on painting landscapes titled, Oil Painter's Solution Book: Landscapes, 100 answers [...]

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