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Elizabeth Stone is a contemporary figurative artist who works at her home studio in Florence, Massachusetts.  She began painting in the late 1990’s when she inherited her grandfather’s set of pastels.  Elizabeth paints in oils and pastels, draws in charcoal, and has recently taken up sculpture.  The figure is her favorite subject and even her still lives represent human relationships.  Her portraits are said to convey emotional resonance beyond surface detail.  Elizabeth has said about her artwork:
“When I look for what I want to paint next it is usually something familiar and close-by.   My best paintings are of people around me and of objects from my home.  The challenge for me is to paint abstract shapes of light, shadow, and color to depict the reality that I see.  My approach is to paint from life in the northern light of my studio.  
My hunger for color and for visual beauty must come from my grandfather who was an artist, my father who is always drawing, and my former career in the fashion industry.  Though I’ve always felt I was an artist I have taught myself over the past 20 years by seeking master artists’ workshops.” 
Elizabeth's work appears in galleries, juried shows and private collections in the U.S.A. and on her website www.ehstoneart.com.  
Self portrait, oil, 2005 [...]

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