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Elizabeth Salvia was born in St. Louis in the 1960s. Her parents were teachers of art and literature. She grew up drawing, writing poetry, making collages and sewing. Outdoors she and her friends created floor plans from autumn leaves. Indoors they decorated those “houses” using wallpaper sample books and the Sears catalogue. Her great-aunt gave her Betsy McCall paper-dolls, and she designed outfits for Betsy.
Her interest in nature and geography came mostly from books, and a National Geographic subscription from her grandfather. When she was eleven, she went on a long camping trip with family friends, through the Midwest to southern California and up to Oregon. She knew then she would live in the western US one day.
In the 1970s her family moved to Chicago. She spent her teens and twenties working in small shops learning jewelry-making and leatherwork. She also built costumes for Chicago theatres. Eventually she worked as a clothing design assistant, but hated the business environment. In her thirties, she enrolled at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where she earned her B.F. A. She started making multimedia artworks that examined life in city environments from a feminist point of view. 
After 22 years in Chicago, she moved to Central California, married an astronomer/botanist, and began exploring the outdoors.  Her work in botany and habitat restoration began to inform her artwork.
In 2019 her life completely changed. She was diagnosed with breast cancer, and spent most that year being treated. In 2020 Covid changed life for everyone.
Cancer and COVID got her thinking critically about her artwork and art-making process. In 2020 she retired and began making artwork full time.
Today she lives in Central California, where she creates artwork that explores ideas of place, origin, and how individuals shape, and are shaped by their environments. She is especially interested [...]

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