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There is magic everywhere you look, if only you will open your senses to feel it...'
Words I am creatively inspired by, words I live by. Each painting created with layers of oils, sometimes 23k gold and sterling silver to bring reflective light beneath even more layers, all to ask the viewer to look a bit deeper to see beyond the obvious. This is the way I live my life, what I create in my paintings - a story that one can feel and create yet a new story of their own by what they see....
Elizabeth Sage
After working in the corporate field of graphic design for over 20yrs., Elizabeth Sage left the corporate office of Texas Instruments as Senior Designer in 2000 to return to what is truly a calling and and passion to create powerful imagery and story on canvas.
'Having grown up on a working ranch in Northern California where ranching and showing horses were an integral part of my life, I began drawing ranch imagery since I was old enough to hold a pencil. Graphite is STILL a favorite medium.'At 16, Elizabeth's first oil paintings were commissioned as Quarter Horse and Appaloosa Horse High Point Award Ceremonies marking the end of each show year. Shortly thereafter, her works were accepted in Colorado Springs galleries as well as showcased and sold in new model homes.Elizabeth's art is highly detailed, accurate and very moving. Living both in Arizona and Colorado gives her endless inspiration for her expressive artistic style.

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