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Born in  1983 and raised in St. Louis county, Elizabeth is an award winning artist and art teacher. Deeply inspired by the paintings of the past, she has nearly 30 years of experience, and is an art instructor at St. Louis Community College. Elizabeth has studied and copied masterworks from the St. Louis art museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC. She has spent thousands of hours studying and copying the drawings of Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, and many other artists. She prefers working from nature. For inspiration she turns to a wide range of historical artists whose work she feels compelled by. Such artists range from William Turner, to George Hitchcock, to Vermeer. She is especially drawn to artists whose work emanates rich color and depth of field. Elizabeth feels a deep connection to both the natural world and historical artists from centuries past. 
Elizabeth regularly exhibits her work and is a member of the St. Louis Artist’s Guild. 
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