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I have been creative and artistic my entire life but only now taking it to the next level.  I have always been a part of the art world in some way including being a tour guide (aka Docent) for 18 years at the SFMOMA and other venues. I am currently spending my creative time on “MIXED MEDIA” projects both on 2"-3" thick wood panel and to create Assemblage Sculptures. I like to tell a story in my work and I am building my portfolio with that in mind.   I would like to expand my capabilities and visibility but also support other artists and expand the arts in my community.
The majority of my artworks are on 18" x 18" x 2" thick wood panels.    Each is richly layered with paint and paper to include images that have been "revealed" or stripped away to create the feeling that my works are painted on old walls with torn wallpaper or on cement walls (like a Fresco) with torn notes revealed years later.  I also sometimes add small objects (buttons, shells, small boxes, ribbon, jewelry, tags) and/or  some glitter on my wood panel artworks  to add depth to each story .     There are many fine artist that now use glitter in their works that sell for thousands of dollars,  such as Jamie Vasta   https://www.patriciasweetowgallery.com/artists/jamie-vasta/          And the concept of revealing and stripping away are not new as world-renown artists like Mark Bradford are taking this concept to new levels of sophistication.   http://www.artnet.com/artists/mark-bradford/
On this website under the 'Artworks' tab I have several categories of artwork available; 'Mixed Media on Wood Panel',  'Chalkboard Works on Wood Panel',  'Small Works', and  'Assemblage and Weavings'.     I  currently have two Chalkboard artworks on wood panel available - these are fun because you can add to [...]

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