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Elisabeth Sommerville graduated from the Alberta College of Art in Calgary. After a career in graphic design, she studied printmaking and found the traditional method of stone lithography complemented her drawing skills. Her Métis heritage has influenced her choice of subject matter, landscapes, trees and especially birds. After twenty years drawing and printing stone lithographs, the physical demands of the medium made it difficult to continue. Elisabeth now works in her home studio painting with egg tempera, one of the oldest of painting techniques. Few artists today use egg tempera, it is a time-consuming method entailing fine brushstrokes and repeated layering of translucent paint, which gives the resulting painting a luminous quality.Elisabeth is a member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, achieving SFCA Signature Status, and recently was chosen as an elected member of the Society of Canadian Artists. Her work is in collections in Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and the USA. 
Artist Statement

For as long as I can remember, I wanted to be an artist. When I was a kid I was always drawing and nagged my mother about going to art school, and when I got there I loved every minute of it. I’ve never developed a style that’s loose and spontaneous like many painters, I prefer meticulous detail and happily spend hours and even months doing a single work. I love watching the antics of crows and have a fascination with owls, both of which I return to again and again as subjects.


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