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Few words about me...
My career as a full time artist started a few years ago, when I finally realized that I want nothing but to dedicate all my life to creating art and only art. I found my grounds.
Art for me became as a breath of air and I can’t imaging how I was able to live without it in my previous life… But soon I realized that art is not just fun to push paint around the canvas, but a serious dedication and everyday work. The longer I work the more I understand how less I know and that pushes me further to the new heights.
Last few years I spent time extensively training with artists I totally admire, like Deborah Tilby, Allan Wylie, Daniel Keys, Kathy Anderson, Josh La Rock, Martinho Correia from Angels Academy of Art in Florence and many, many more. Worked on Master copies of the paintings of Old Masters and at the same time, worked on my own ideas, developing my own voice as an artist.
My medium is oil. I love the texture, the flavor and flexibility of it.
My inspiration comes from my surroundings.
I am blessed to be living in the city which has it all - ocean, lakes and rivers, snow capped mountains, mystical rain forests and abundant wildlife. But as an artist I'm trying to capture the moments of revelation, moments when I see in the transition of one part to another the unification of the whole, whether it is a human face, a floral scene or the landscape.
All this transformation in my life would never be possible without support from my family and friends. And I'm very thankful to them to be always there for me.
I also learned that an artist has to work harder than anybody else.
As the great Russian composer, Pyotr [...]

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