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     Elena was born and raised in the beautiful city of Athens, Greece, which is the renowned for its beauty, art, food and nightlife. 
Her home was very near where everything began, near the Acropolis and the Parthenon.  The area was full of artists, galleries and cultural events from all over the world.
     As a young child Elena remembers herself always painting inside the class and dreaming of her next painting.  Later she was heavily influenced by a group of well known Greek artists.  She won several awards and accolades from her teachers and in juried art shows in Italy and Greece.  Elena is an abstract artist who moved from Athens to the very beautiful city of Charleston.  The beauty of the city and her memories of her past inspire her to continue her paintings and to dream of her next artwork. 
     "Painting is an enlargement of my soul and my world.  It gives me timeless and happy moments which makes me think, create, and share my passion with other people.  Beauty exists all around us and inspires me, like the beauty in people, in nature, in life, and in different cultures.  I use acrylics with mixed media with gold, silver, and copper leaf mostly in earth colors which I love on canvas or wood.  I like to experiment with any natural materials especially with metals.  Some of my works may have unique micro-sculptures on them with brush or copper pieces combined together with mixed media and the leaf.  I believe these aspects and my unique techniques give a three dimensional feeling to my artworks.
     My goal is to elevate myself to the highest level as an artist and to make people feel and dream to a path through the creation which I believe is endless.  My imagination and creativity are the [...]

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