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Born and raised in Connecticut, Elaine since the age of 16 spent her summers in the seaside village of Provincetown where she first experienced the awe and wonder of the vibrant art scene.  She studied fine art at Central Connecticut State University, where she received her Bachelors Degree and taught art in the Windsor Public Schools for 10 years.   During her summers, she would return to Provincetown to paint and in 1981 she took up residency in the "studio-barn" at the Provincetown Fine Arts Work Center.    At a crossroad of intellectual curiosity and restlessness, Elaine embarked on what she describes as a "left brain, right brain" shift, and went on to pursue a law degree and masters in business administration, where she practiced law in the public sector.   Now after some 30 years, Elaine has returned to Cape Cod to paint again, full time, uninterrupted.   She primarily paints in oil, using cold wax medium, blurring the line between oil painting and encaustic, utilizing experimental approaches.   Her work is semi-abstract and atmospheric.   She finds inspiration living on Cape Cod, where the light is always changing, and colors are delicately subtle.   When she paints she describes the experience as entering into a state of "zen".     She conducts classes and workshops, encouraging and supporting others to pursue their artistic pursuits.   

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