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  • FASO Artist Website: http://eileenmchargue.com

  • Year Born: 1957

  • uses alternate media: Colored Pencil, Watercolor Crayon, Oil Pastel, Pastel

  • does commissions of just about anything

  • loves color

  • Price Range: $20.00 - $1,200.00

The Artist Says:

In my new studio. Art books in the cabinets behind. Never stop reading.


I have been an artist since I got smacked for coloring on my mom's new wallpaper at the age of about 3. I haven't stopped playing with crayons and chalks since. I love color and actually have trouble with black and white now.
I have also been chalking on the ground since about 2010, and am a member of the Florida Chalk Artist's Association (when I can find the treasurer at the shows to pay my dues, lol). I have stents in my abdomen, so now I have to chalk standing up or sitting up straight, and I have made holders for my chalk, so I can reach the ground.
I've been in Florida since 1965, so I remember it without Disney (>gasp<) or even an interstate that went all the way east-west or north-south. I started out in Altamonte Springs; the big mall is built partially where my elementary school used to be, and the old neighborhood is mostly bulldozed, but the last time I was there, all there was was grass and roads. Even all the pools had been filled in. After Altamonte, we moved to Winter Park, as my parents bought a house on a golf course there. This, of course, allowed me to get in all kinds of trouble as a teen (never give a teen a room with a sliding-glass door: graphite pencils keep it running smoothly and quietly).
College at USF (go Bulls!), then a variety of jobs until I ended up in Lakeland at The Ledger, and worked there until 2007, when I was laid off with a bunch of other people. I now do Graphic Arts for myself, building magazines for the Central Florida Media Group, out of Winter Haven. In 2016, we bought a house here in Brooksville, and it's great! Lakeland had gotten too [...]

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