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 At the Crooked Tree Arts Center plein air paint-out in Petoskey, Michigan.
 I discovered art at a major transition point in my life.  My life as an artist and an author began when my full-time job as an educator drew to a close.  I retired and found I lacked a sense of purpose and I was unsure where my life should be heading.  Then one day I picked up some pastels and made my first painting.  The act of creating a piece of art made me feel deeply happy and at peace while at the same time challenging me to stretch myself and be open to the new learning and growth I was experiencing.  It was incredibly healing.  Even though my first efforts showed how much I had to learn, the joy was in the journey--the act of creation.  With workshops, instruction and mentoring from amazing artists who generously shared their knowledge with me, I grew as an artist.  I realized I had found my new purpose.
It is said that true art comes out of who we are and what we are feeling.  Many of my paintings express my deep feelings about the unique loveliness of Northern Michigan where I live.  Being able to express my connection with the pristine beauty I am fortunate enough to be able to enjoy and also to be able to share that beauty through my art gives me great joy.
Another set of connections I celebrate in my art is childhood memories and traditions.  In my series of whimsical illustrations of beloved children's literature, particularly nursery rhymes, I combine my love of creating art and the timeless, universal appeal of nursery rhymes.
In both my art and my story I hope to share my joy in the creative act.  My goal is to empower others to step out, acknowledge [...]

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