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Edward Yanok was born in Akron Ohio and is a self-taught artist with God given talent. Drawing and painting has been a passion for him since childhood. Married for over 45 years he and his wife, Jean, love the outdoors, hiking, biking, and canoeing. They have raised three boys and have five grandchildren.
While raising his family Ed put his art career on hold but never gave up hope of being an artist. When their boys were on their own he picked up his brushes and his dreams and began painting again. What is the inspiration for his paintings?
"I'm amazed by God's genius and creative power in the natural world, and His care of the smallest detail. The same awsome God who created the billions of stars and all their power in the cosmos also put the fragrance in flowers, the colors in the wing of a butterfly and the melody in a birds' song all for us to enjoy. I try to capture that feeling of wonder on canvas and hope that other people find the same feeling when viewing my art."
Ed is also interested in the human experiences of the Civil War. " I love to read the diaries of people who lived during the civil war. Their thoughts, feelings, and all the suffering and loss they had to endure for their beliefs is inspiring. I find that whole era of American history fascinating and I hope to capture that spirit on canvas."

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