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A Biography and Statement of Purpose

Color and luminance are the painter's basic tools for without them, there would be no inspiration, no beauty, no thought. In his paintings, Edward Wilson celebrates these natural gifts of hue and light in his series, "A Splash of Color." Light and color remind us of the profound beauty that not only surrounds us but has the power to captivate us. Flowers, landscapes and the simple pleasures of everyday scenes, send us on a visual journey. When we open our eyes, we feed our senses. We are transported sensually.

"A Splash of Color", is a visual quest to see the power of nature’s seductiveness in light and in color.

Edward Wilson is a school psychologist with the Bridgeport, CT Public Schools. His is also a retired school psychologist from the New York City Public Schools.  A long time Darien resident, Edward was born in Brooklyn and was raised in Queens, New York. He learned of art and was exposed to painting at an early age. Edward remembers, “Art was always close by”.  He was encouraged to study art throughout his education. He spent many happy times in the fine museums and galleries in Manhattan, Spain and Portugal. In college, he studied Spanish language, literature and painting. Goya, Velasquez, El Greco, Dali and Picasso kindled awe and a love of drawing and painting. After graduation, Edward’s studies at the Yale Summer Language Institute afforded him the opportunity to further indulge his painting interest with frequent visits to the paintings at Yale.

Later, the Impressionists interpretation of natural beauty with bold, sincere colors and light became irresistible. Edward had to paint and in oil. He attended classes in painting and human figure drawing at the Greenwich Art Society. Those classes along with the many exhibits and shows sponsored by the GAS [...]

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