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I'm a figurative painter with family roots in New Mexico and Mexico. Much of my art depicts the Hispanic and Southwest cultures. My interest is creating artwork that motivates an appreciation of the cultures of the Southwest, expresses the human spirit and celebrates the beauty of Nature. I have followed this path of exploration as a professional fine artist for forty years.
My career as an artist began early; at the age of four my grandmother Remedios handed me crayons and paper to keep me occupied while my parents were at work. From then on I grew up drawing, painting and reading art books at local libraries. I began creating art based on my own life experiences. My family on my mother’s side arrived in the United States from Mexico about 1908 and settled in southern New Mexico. My father’s family came to Nuevo México in 1598. My observations of their cultural differences and similarities began when I was very young and became part of my understanding of who I am as a person and as an artist.
As a child I learned about a larger world through reading. But in the poor working class neighborhood I grew up in there were few books, readers, or artists. In fact I don’t recall running into any at all. I was desperate to learn about art so I developed the habit in grade school of walking to the library each week. Books introduced me to the world of art which I knew I wanted to be part of.
I always believed that art would be my career. In high school I earned high marks in all my art classes and received many awards. So it came as a surprise when a school counselor's brief advice to me in my [...]

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