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I'm Ed, I was born in Italy in 1988 and grew up on Lake Como, but I've been living in Southern California for the past 12 or so years.I spent the majority of my adult life working as a photographer, but eventually began to feel like my passion for photography was starting to wane. I needed a change of pace, a new creative outlet to allow me to create on my own terms.I had been always been fascinated by art and often dreamed of learning how to draw and paint, but the process seemed daunting, especially without someone to guide me. I eventually decided to take to the internet, bought some art books and started my journey anyway. I realized that everyone has to start somewhere, and even though I had no idea how to even begin to paint, with enough time and practice I might one day be able to create the kind of work I was inspired by.It was love at first brush stroke and art quickly went from a side hobby to something I couldn't get enough of. Then the 2020 pandemic happened. My photography business all but collapsed in the span of a few weeks, which gave me even more of a reason to focus on his art (silver lining, I suppose).My primary focus are landscapes and I'm inspired by more impressionists than I can count, both classical and modern. Painting nature is a cathartic experience that allows me to really connect with the place I'm painting and cement the way it felt as a long lasting memory. I always felt like that was missing with photography, as the focus (no pun intended) was often more on the technical aspects of the process.
I also enjoy painting scenes from imagination, which allows me to experience and capture the feeling of a [...]

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