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I am fascinated by edges – those places where one thing becomes another – where a field meets a forest, an island meets an ocean, or where the conscious meets the unconscious. I work to understand the edge that is both illuminated by light (or love), and yet is still blurred by darkness (or fear).
As an art therapist, my approach with clients uses expressive therapies, and has a gentle, client-centered focus.  I see my role in the therapeutic relationship as a witness for each client’s journey to empowerment and actualization through self-discovery.  Much like the exploration of edges in my personal art work, I seek to help clients explore the edges of subjective and objective realities to develop meaning and purpose in their lives.  I have presented locally, regionally, and nationally on the use of art therapy to treat trauma and addictions.
Before opening my studio office in Richmond Vermont, I had worked as a primary therapist at a treatment center for emotional trauma in New Mexico, developed an art therapy component for a substance abuse rehabilitation center in southern Maine, served as Executive Director for a community substance abuse agency on Mount Desert Island, Maine, and as Executive Director for a residential treatment center for chronic mental illness in southern Vermont.  In 2014, in order to work more closely with my clients, I joined a non-profit group practice in Burlington, Vermont, and in 2020 moved my practice to its current studio location in Richmond, Vermont. [...]

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