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My earliest years were spent drawing.  My first masterpiece, a self portrait, was scratched into my Mom's and Dad's headboard when I should have been napping.  My first workshop was with my great aunt Mary when I was 16.  We spent the week painting in oils and pastels.
During the time I was pursuing my career as a hospital pharmacy manager and raising our three children, I would steal away to watercolor workshops and paint when I could.
Once retired, I began oil painting again and started ongoing lessons with Susan Hecht whose paintings are fresh and colorful.  Susan has helped me "see" the light and color in my world and experience the joy of trying to translate it to canvas.  My favorite subjects are figures and water.  I have lots of inspiration and subject matter from my 6 grandchildren's visits to the ocean.  I love to paint outdoors and from life and I try to paint every day.
Other artists whose workshops have guided me over the years include Janet Walsh, Skip Lawrence, Jerry Miller, Al Stine, Dean Davis, Carolyn Grosse Gawarecki, Carl Dalio, and Judy Wengrovitz.  I have particularly enjoyed recent workshops in oil with Nicole Kennedy, Dawn Whitelaw, Lori Putnam and Peggy Kroll-Roberts.  I am an associate member of the Women Painters of the Southeast.
I live in Sanford, North Carolina with my husband Ron, with as many trips to the ocean as I can manage.

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