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I was born in New York City during the Great Depression.  All members of the family were very science-engineer oriented, and being second was not an option for anyone.  When Sister Catherine told me in 5th grade that my Halloween black cat on a picket fence in front of a full moon wasn't very good, I gave up art.  (Actually, I liked my cat!)
Twenty-five years later, after a degree in math-physics and a Masters in Education, I was raising two small children in Framingham, Mass.  Lacking playmates for my 2-year old daughter, I desperately searched for an occasional nursery school situation.  No one would bite because she wasn't toilet trained.  Jeez.  She was only two!  Then I happened upon the Natick YWCA, which ran courses for housebound moms and offered a little nursery-school set-up for their children while mom get enriched.  No toilet training required, because if things got bad, mom could come out of her class for a bit and take care of the situation.  Bless you, Natick YWCA! 
The only fly in the ointment was that the only choice of courses was Oil Painting or English.  What?!  Well, taking English was redundant, so Oil Painting it had to be.  The teacher was wonderful, her name something like Barbara Freedman.  She just threw us into the pool and did we swim!  She told us what to buy, spent one session on painting spheres, cones and cubes, with graded shadows (ugh) and then each week after was a new genre: a still life, a landscape, a house, and so on.  And yes, we did a portrait the seventh week!  Since we didn't know any better, we all did pretty well, in my opinion.
Let me tell you a story.  After the course was over, I was still enthusiastic about painting and wanted to [...]

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