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Edilia Bautista is a Mexican-American sculptor who discovered her passion to express her emotions through clay molding at a very young age.
Born in Veracruz and raised in Jalisco, Mexico; Edilia was an active participant in ballet, folkloric dance, poetry and outdoor activities. She used to spend her summers in the middle of the ocean along with her parents; all of these experiences served to enhance her creativity and allowed her to produce small pieces of art made of Paper Mache and Cardboard.
Although she had a deep love for sculpture and drawing, her university years led her to a career in International Finances which along with family transitions brought her to Houston, Texas, where she currently resides. Her business practice while raising her two sons made her take a pause on her art pursuit. Later on she temporarily relocated to Mexico City for a year and being in contact with her cultural roots again made her revive and deeply grasp her passion for art.
Edilia Bautista is a self-taught sculptor and artist whose commercial career and multicultural experience has integrated her skills to produce resin sculptures through a mold making process along with her recent Paper Mache projects.
Her work has been shown and collected in different countries in the Americas and Faris Foundation - "Art is Hope"

              Virtual Gallery, Texas, USA, September 2020

Galeria Kawiarnia w Lodzkim Domu Kultury

              Collective, Poland, August 2019

Tribunal Supremo de Elecciones

              Collective, Costa Rica, March 2019

Centro de Investigación de Patrimonio

              Collective, Costa Rica, February 2019

Casa del Artista

               Collective, Costa Rica, January 2019

Instituto de Cultura Superior

              Collective, México, May AWA (American Women [...]

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