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American painter Eden Compton was born in Texas and raised in Connecticut.  Eden and her NZ born husband, Richard, have settled in upstate New York after two decades of sailing and managing private charter boats in the Caribbean and throughout the US.  She just recently opened a permanent studio and gallery in the Beekman Arts district of Saratoga Springs, NY.   

 "While my extensive travel has sparked an interest in different types of subject matter ranging from rural landscapes to rainy cityscapes to market scenes, I am particularly drawn to portraiture and figurative subjects.  I am fascinated by the stories that any given face can reveal.  I love the narrative of portraiture."   Eden has accepts commissions for both children and adult/family portraits in oil or pastel.  
“My landscape work is an attempt to synthesize memory painting based on observation with my plein air studies.  It begins with sketches and drawings done on location and then completed in the studio where I can spend more time developing the concept of the painting.  I am exploring visual expressions of poetic concepts rather than literal interpretations of a scene.  To that end I employ a combination of direct and indirect painting techniques to achieve a rich and layered effect which I hope results in a compelling work of art.”
In addition to her travels, Eden credits the works of her grandparents, Carl Benton Compton  and Mildred Norris Compton, as another strong influence on her own paintings.  The Comptons, considered to be visionaries, reflected Mexican culture through their modernist and often surreal artwork.  They painted alongside Diego Rivera and Freida Kahlo and spent the summers in Guanajuato throughout the late 30s and 40s.  Carl Benton Compton was very interested in the native Tarascan culture of Mexico which is evidenced through the iconography of his [...]

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