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Earnest has had a strong interest in art and architecture starting in his hometown of Hempstead, Texas.  After receiving an electrical engineering degree from Prairie View A&M University, Prairie View, Texas he worked for the Boeing Company in various engineering and management assignments.  His interest in art was satisfied by collecting ethnic art from across the world, but the vast majority of his collection comes from the continent of Africa.  Researching old African trade beads and responding to a challenge from his wife inspired him to design and make jewelry utilizing beads, some of which have been dated to the 1500s.  A challenge from an artist friend provided enough encouragement to cause a more serious personal exploration into fine art painting.  The more he explores, the more he finds satisfaction in the creative process using paint and found objects.  Earnest utilizes his engineering and industrial design sense with experience gained from designing jewelry to create his 2D and 3D paintings.  He typically uses texture, color and shadow from metal rod, sheet and plate to play together in his images.  His works are known to show passion and range from organic to modern industrial in concept.    Earnest thinks “artistic expression is infinite, with new approaches being defined daily.  The creative envelope must continue to be refreshed.”  Hopefully his art does that.  

((( Earnest Thomas is the president of Onyx Fine Arts Collective Seattle, Washington.  His art is regularly shown at Gallery Onyx located in the downtown Seattle Pacific Place Mall, 600 - Pine Street (3rd floor)  Seattle, WA. )))


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