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My passion for photography is rooted in my appreciation for the natural world. I agree with Yann Arthus-Bertrand, who wrote, “The Earth is art. The photographer is only a witness.”  I love being a witness to God’s creativity and have spent much of my life outdoors hiking, hunting, fishing and boating. I began in photography with a concentration on wildlife, primarily birds and soon made the seemingly natural progression to landscapes. I have more recently expanded my focus to include other subjects.
Photography allows me to shift my concentration between various aspects of the world around us. Sweeping panoramas give way to intricate detail shots. Vibrant colors in one scene transition to muted shades in the next.  A focus on form and structure turns to surreal flights of abstract fancy. Motion one moment and still life the next; the interplay of light and shadow. Whatever the subject matter or setting, there is a great photograph in there somewhere. My motivation is to seek it out and capture something of its essence - not simply to create art but also to discover more about this wonderful world through each piece.
Photography is even more for me than a journey of discovery in the space we occupy. It is a vehicle for creativity and a challenge to my technical ability. It is an enjoyable recreational pursuit and a source of supplemental income. But perhaps most importantly, it is a primary mode of self-expression through which I hope to bring pleasure – first to God and then to all those who view my work.


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